I’m a 25 year old born and raised New England girl, living in the outskirts of Boston, Massachusetts. I was blessed with some pretty rad parents who nurtured my artistic abilities since I was very young, so my passion to “create” has been the center of my being for as long as I could remember. At the age of 19, I gained a new hobby. Exploring the outdoors. Since then, I’ve spent countless days up in the White Mountains and many of my nights restlessly planning my next travels. I feel most at home when I’m on the road, music loud, with my babies (my cameras) by my side. My perfect day consists of me adventuring to wherever my internal compass points me, grabbing a cold brew as a day cap, and pitching a tent under an enveloping night sky.

Throughout the years I’d fallen so deeply in love with the outdoors and needed to share just how awe-inspiring being surrounded by all of creation was, so I began to do so through imagery. Followed by that, came my love for portraiture. Nothing quite tickles my soul like capturing Love between two soul-mates in the very places my love for photography began! Combining my passion for nature and people was one of the greatest thing’s I'd ever done. I’m a sappy romantic at heart and i’ve always loved to narrate bits and pieces of others live’s with huge-heart eyes, so naturally that plays out well for your desired dreamy, lighthearted session.

I’m a photographer for the wildly in love and the wild at heart. I believe in extraordinary love. I believe in being your funniest, most ridiculous self without a damn care of who’s eyes are on you. Life is far too short to be anything but. I’m a super extrovert and show up to each and every shoot charged up and ready to capture y’all at your absolute best.

To simplify my style of photography, my vision is always to capture feeling, and that goes way beyond just pretty fixed-poses. I might make suggestions, tweak subtle movements, but for the most part i’ll be interacting with you (energy level probably on 100) capturing all of the love, humor, and in between candids. I harvest so much creative energy in me, inspired daily from the books I read, songs I listen to, even from the people in passing. I am never short in ideas or motivation to help create/capture your most treasured moments.. You’re looking for a photographer and I’m in the business of making friends sooo why don’t we collab and make some magic, yeah?

P.s; Preferably, tacos or a drive in movie for our first date. Or both. I wouldn’t mind.

“Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”  -Elliott Erwitt

Random facts about me:

  • I sing. I like to think i’m good at it.

  • I have a mad obsession with hot-pot. (ask about it if you don’t know)

  • I know a whole lot of random astronomical facts. So if you’re ever down

    to talk space, I’m your girl.

  • Sometimes, I rewrite endings to books I read because who doesn’t like a happy ending?

  • My favorite TV show is The Office. Followed by Black Mirror as my favorite stand alone show.

  • I’ve been stranded due to car issues in Iceland, Thailand, Mexico..

    It appears to be a common theme when I travel.

  • I have a music playlist for every single mood, season, life event. You name it. There is rarely ever a time that I am sitting in complete silence.

  • I live for Sunday night football and UFC fight nights with my family.

  • I lead photography for the coolest church east side of the Mississippi, @ImpactChurchMA

  • I do a mean Shakira impersonation.